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Well everything is over now, I mean of course my being a teacher but to be honest I feel a bit sad because I had the best group in the world! (and they know it). My teaching methods weren’t very traditional, but they did learn and they laughed a lot and that’s the most important of all. My technique was simple, just got rid of the tall wall that separates the teacher and the student, so we all participated, discussed and laughed. Now is my turn to learn Bulgarian, and I am really trying hard, I have a teacher, books, films everything I just need to keep focus and stop speaking English all around.

Grupo preferido 2


So this is basically half of my group, because for some reason that day half of the students didn’t come, we were all very different but at the same time, we made a great team all together, for example Darina was a brilliant doctor that knew every single Bulgarian tradition, so she learned English with me and I learned the traditions with her.

Kristina was the happy girl, she didn’t speak that much, but she put a smile in the class and moreover she understood everything and followed the lessons perfectly, we always went together back home.

María was a real elegant woman, she spoke quietly and always helped her colleagues, I really do admire her, well done María!

Baba Marta (second from the left) she was the quiet one, although I know she understood everything she was a bit shy.

Gloria (first from the left) I love this girl! because she has a very strong character i might say unbreakable but I made her blast out laughing when I started speaking Bulgarian or just when I told them one of my very crazy stories. Never loose this attitude Gloria it makes you special.

Vladimir (first from the right) he was the chatterbox! he never stopped talking, maybe because I told them once that the real way of learning Bulgarian was by speaking, my fault. But certainly he is one of the most positive person I ever met here in Bulgaria, he always had something good to tell to the class and he made it happen in deed.

Nikolai always came to class with tho dictionaries and plenty books, he really wanted to learn English, and every lesson he proved that he was learning more and more, and the progress was more than obvious.

All in all I want to thank you for the great experience, and for letting me get a bit in your lives, I wont forget you.